Variety of colour ADIWARNAMIKA acrylic Sheet

Adiwarnamika Acrylic Sheet have many different colour, that can meet the needs that costumer want.
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Here at PT. Gunung Selang, we pride ourselves on fulfilling architectural creativity, individual expressiveness, and also unique form and colour concepts that can be easily applied using our wide product range ADIWARNA MIKA cell cast acrylic sheet.

With many versatile fabrications and design potentials, endless application area and innovatives advancements, ADIWARNA MIKA acrylic sheets satisfy all target markets in each segment globally.


ADIWARNA MIKA is globally distinguished by its remarkable product attributes such as low thickness tolerance, precise flatness, strong but flexible, excellent in clarity and variety of colours.

ADIWARNA MIKA Clear is a transparent and colourless acrylic sheet that offers exceptional optical clarity with more than 92% light transmission, which makes it best for displaying your precious items.


ADIWARNA MIKA acrylic offers various options for you to pick just the right shade of whites. Opal and white colour can diffuse light to create stunning visual effects.


ADIWARNA MIKA Transparent offers transparency with shiny and vibrant color that versatile to express your imagination.



ADIWARNA MIKA Tinted offers a transparent sheet with hints of dark colour where transparency and colour are key to not only design, but also functionality. It provides UV resistance while harnessing the natural light to bring them to life.


ADIWARNA MIKA Transluscent deliver guaranteed performance in colours you desire. With our flexibility in production, all standard colours are made available, even for custom colours that suited your project needs.


ADIWARNA MIKA fluorescent is popular choices for designers and fabricators to make their designs pops out. It combines a delicate transparent tinted sheet with a striking fluorescent edge that grabs attention.



ADIWARNA MIKA Satin and ADIWARNA MIKA Double Satin acrylic sheet provides a unique matte finish that excellently complement any application. It offers the ability to amplify any design while keeping the emphasis on the items being showcased.



There are three (at least!) compelling reasons to choose to have a business partnership with PT. Gunung Selang. From Premium Product Quality, Premium Service for supporting our Distributors and Retail and also Production Capability and Capacity.

Premium Product Quality

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  • One stop-shop for cast acrylic sheet (wide range of products)
  • Best quality consistency (thickness control, flatness, dimensional stability)
  • Best balance of properties (chemical and scratch resistances, optical clarity)
  • Commitment to quality (process control and 100 percent sheet inspection)

Premium Service

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  • Exporting internationally since 2016
  • Proven track record of on time deliveries
  • Provide marketing and promotional tools

Capability & Capacity

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  • Specialized in cast acrylic sheet manufacturing
  • Capability, reliability and security in supply
  • Latest technology and equipment


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We always maintain and innovate the quality control during production.

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