Acrylic is a material that is widely used for various industrial purposes, including the pharmaceutical industry. Acrylic has superior properties, such as being transparent, light, strong, weather resistant, and malleable. However, not all acrylic is of equal quality. To get the best quality acrylic, you can choose Mica Adicolor Acrylic.

Adiwarna Mika Acrylic is acrylic that has been widely used in the Indonesian pharmaceutical and health industries. Adiwarna Mika Acrylic has guaranteed quality and complies with pharmaceutical industry standards. Adiwarna Mika Acrylic also has a wide selection of colors and thicknesses that can be adjusted to your needs. Adiwarna Mika Acrylic can be used to make displays, signage, placards, boxes, booths, key chains, and others related to the pharmaceutical industry.

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