Adiwarna Mica acrylic can be used for product design.

Product design is a description of a process, starting from imagining, creating and repeating a product, in order to solve a problem experienced by the user, or also to meet a more specific market need.

Product design is a study program that studies the creation of “products” for human needs in an innovative way.

Adiwarna Mica Acrylic is also a material that can last a long time and has a quality that is not easy to fade.

Adiwarna Mika acrylic is acrylic with the best technology and quality at low prices in Indonesia.

PT. Gunung Selang is a manufacturer, factory or manufacture of the best quality acrylic sheet in Indonesia.

Acrylic sales center with low prices and the most complete in Indonesia is at PT. Hose Mountain.

PT. Gunung Selang is a product sales center for the advertising industry, construction industry, creative industry, start ups and others.

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