Adiwarna Mika Acrylic is the best of the best acrylic in Jakarta, Tangerang, Indonesia and the world.

Acrylic is a material that is often used for various purposes, such as displays, neon boxes, embossed letters, podiums, nameplates, and others. Acrylic has advantages such as being transparent, light, strong, weather resistant, and easy to form. However, not all acrylic is of equal quality. To get high-quality acrylic, you need to choose a trusted and tested brand.

One of the best of the best acrylic brands is Adiwarna Mika. Adiwarna Mika is a sheet acrylic product produced by PT. Gunung Selang, the best, most complete and closest acrylic company in Indonesia. Adiwarna Mika has characteristics such as uniform thickness, flat surface, flexible yet sturdy, clear and a variety of attractive and beautiful colors. Adiwarna Mika is also easy to print into various shapes according to your wishes.

Adiwarna Mika has served customers from various regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta and Tangerang. Adiwarna Mika has also been exported to various countries in the world. Adiwarna Mika has become the choice of many people because of its undoubted quality.

So what are you waiting for? If you need acrylic for any purpose, choose Adiwarna Mika as the best of the best acrylic brands. You can order Adiwarna Mika online through the official website of PT. Mount Hose. You can also contact us via the telephone number or email listed on our site.

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