POP / POS Display manufacturers, who design and produce trade show booths, retail displays, and product dispensers, require printing substrates and processing media with unique characteristics.

Deciding whether to use co-extruded multilayer panels such as Adiwarnamika or other alternatives such as aluminum composite panels, plywood, coated styrene boards or honeycomb cardboard, is about more than just being eco-friendly. Adiwarnamika co-extruded multilayer panel fully addresses both the consideration of printers and display manufacturers.

It delivers a cost effective structural solution, versatile enough to meet a variety of design challenges. PALBOARD’s smooth, rigid surface is optimal for digital printing, and its foamed, lightweight, core makes it easy to transport and handle.

When weighing the benefits of Adiwarnamika versus alternatives, these important features should be taken into account:

1. Better Digital Print Quality

Adiwarnamika has an extra smooth, uniform hard surface, which provides digital and traditional printers with excellent ink adhesion and extended retention, even for humid or outdoor applications. This leads to a reduced set-up time and financial benefits.

Do not compromise for poor ink adhesion or short-term print retention with aluminum composite material (ACM), wood, or polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and acrylic/polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plastic sheets. These alternatives require pre-treatment or primers that consume more time and raise the cost.

2. Saves Fabrication Time and Money

Using co-extruded multilayered sheets shaves off precious processing time, reduces ware and tare, overall expenses and unnecessary work.

Adiwarnamika with its recycled core is easy to fabricate, while the hard surface formation provides high structural strength. It can be easily V-Grooved and folded.

Aluminum composite panels are difficult to cut, rout, and fold. Wood sheets (plywood or fiberboards) also end up with considerable processing time, adding to the overall expense and necessary work.

3. Unmatched Durability

Enjoy the benefits of a high-end polymer. Adiwarnamika is not only waterproof and corrosion resistant, but it is also suitable for high humidity and wet displays. It can be cleaned easily and efficiently, and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including adhesives and lubricants. Alternative lightweight media tends to absorb humidity, and is restricted to indoor use only. Release yourself from those constraints by using Adiwarnamika co-extruded multilayered sheets.

4. Cost efficient and damage-free

Using sign & display media that is easy to transport, handle and assemble leads to reduced freight and labor costs. Do not waste your time on media that can be easily damaged during storage, transport and handling. Adiwarnamika will last under conditions that cardboard and laminated Styrofoam will not. Aluminum composite panels may be robust, but consume labor to handle and convey. This not only affects the processing costs but also limits the size of assembled unit.

With Adiwarnamika, your print and display assembly options become unlimited. With its durability, lightweight, versatility, flexibility, and print attributes, PALBOARD is the optimal solution to fabricate and construct with a display or presentation. This will help you to deliver a finished sign and/or display of the highest quality.