In this blog we will recomend you our beloved costumer, how to clean ADIWARNA MIKA acrylic surface, to make your acrylic clean and shiny as alway.

Several solution can we recomend to clean your ADIWARNA MIKA acrylic surface :

  • Rinse the entire acrylic surface with hand soap, then wash it with warm clean water, and dry the acrylic using microfiber cloth or clean chamois
  • To remove tar, oil, or paint you can use sun-polly liquid or petroleum. it’s liquid still safe to use on acrylic.
  • Never use compound cream, dirty cloth, leaded gasoline,as well as solvents, like alcohol, aceton, carbon tetrachloride, to clean your acrylic surface.

There are several way to treat ADIWARNA MIKA acrylic surfaces, including :

  • Apply a little sun-polly evenly on acrylic surface using microfiber cloth, then rub it gently using soft clean cloth to protect the surface of adiwarnamika acrilic always sparkling and shiny
  • After polishing, wipe with a clean damp cloth to remove any static charge that can attract dust particles.

Here are some things that cause acrylic sheet to be contamined :

  • Adhesive glue from acrylic protective papper

You can use a hydrocarbon solvent such as Sun-Polly to celan it, then wash it with hand soap and

rinse with clean water, then dry it with a microfiber cloth.

  • Fingerprint

Clean with a soft clean cloth or microfiber cloth then slightly moistened with glass cleaner, then

dry it using microfiber cloth.

  • Oil-soluble contaminants

Clean and wash with hand soap, then rinse it with clean water and dry the acrylic using microfiber


  • Liquid oil or oil

Same with problem before you can clean it using hand soap and clean water, then dry it.


  • Keep it away from fire
  • Keep the acrylic in indoors
  • Avoid contact with siliconeoil or grease
  • Clean immediately if it looks like dirty, splashed, etc.