Super-Color Mica Acrylic: The Material of Choice for Architects

Acrylic is a material that is often used in the field of architecture because it has many advantages, such as clarity, strength, durability and flexibility. One of the high quality and trusted acrylic brands is Adiwarna Mika Acrylic.

Adiwarna Mika Acrylic is a local product made from 100% pure MMA (Methyl MetAcrylate monomer) which makes it weather resistant and does not yellow easily. Adiwarna Mika Acrylic also has complete and stunning color variants, and can be customized according to customer needs.

Adiwarna Mica Acrylic can be used for a variety of architectural applications, such as facades, roofs, partitions, windows, doors, stairs, floors, tables, chairs, lighting, decorations, and so on. Supercolour Mica Acrylics can easily be shaped, engraved, finished, decorated, or processed by embossing, bending, and engraving techniques.

By using Adiwarna Mica Acrylic, architects can create building designs that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and memorable. Adiwarna Mika Acrylic is also environmentally friendly and economical. Therefore, Mica Adicolor Acrylic is the material of choice for architects.

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